Sea Shanty

I would like to inform any readers, that a deal has been struck of sorts between a friend and I.  Steve Christopher, a keen and talented photographer has allowed me to use some of his work as inspiration for that of my own.  Our first collaboration is Sea Shanty.










As they were sailing ‘cross the ocean deep
They watched the sunrise and the diving grebe.

When up in the top, the lookout did spy
A storm advancing, with his weather eye.

The helmsman heeded the word from above
And steered the walty gal forth at a scud.

Night tide came fast and they were flooded by dark,
The waves surged and the salty, sea dogs barked.

The raw wind cut and the rain assailed down,
As men pooled together to fight off the drown.

The dodger succumbed, and the foremast fell
The ship was immersed in the maritime hell.

As dawn broke, with only waveson afloat.
The ocean had seized another game boat.

Good men will be mourned, and the tempest damned,
We left to ponder why they left dry land.


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