The Peddler


Accosted by his grungy grip,

Bid to pound the gnarled, city streets.

Clutches of cotters, clasps and clips,

Deemed by he, three-penny a fleet.

Each needle-worker, needles me,

For thrifty deals, but I stand stiff.

Grungy grip greases my net fee,

Hearty be I, and wasteful with.


3 thoughts on “The Peddler

  1. Thanks folks, the intention is to write a collection of work themed poetry, this was the second, the ironsmith being the first. I enjoy using out of fashion, or archaic forms with newer language. I find that strict structure of rhythm and metre does force the words to carry more weight. I hope to have made it almost invisible here, but this poem is a very simple abc poem, my hope is that it went almost unnoticed.

  2. i like the flow of it, very refreshing to read something that really makes your mind search for various meanings of such short word usage, yet very impactful.

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