The Scribe



Honed, pen patron,

Stark, workstation.

Intense and profound,

Artistry abounds. 

Sensation conjuror,

Playful wanderer.

Plot launderer,

Thought waterer.

Proverbial bard,

Of language’s vanguard.


3 thoughts on “The Scribe

  1. Sorry about the mispelling, I meant “Poetic Release”, of and my screen name on FB is Cloud Explorer, and also on the Hubpages writers network. Hope to chat with you soon bro there, so you can add me if you like. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for all the positive things you say, i really appreciate them. I have a facebook page also that can be liked, and I am open to any adds….

  2. Very intriguing poetric release here Alan, thanks bro for sharing your talent with the Poetic Ink community, awesome stuff you got here. We shall curate it and share it elsewhere across all of our networks. Nice job!

    Mike Pugh
    Poetic Ink Community Manager
    Owner of FPC-Virtual

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