Short Story inspired by old photograph

I thought I would always remember this, but over time it has become blurred. It’s not deliberate. It’s daft really. Oh, don’t we look happy here? That’s me on the left, that one there’s my Bobby. The other two are Ralph and Phylis, I think. From Bamber Gradens? Off of Bibby Road? I think this one’s taken at the Riverside, but I’m not positive. I don’t mean to forget, but it was just such a long time ago. We used to go there dancing on a weekend, when the fellers were home on leave.
I‘d never have thought about them times, if it weren’t for you asking ‘bout those palm crosses. Funny life, isn’t it? How memories are brought to mind. I do like having you youngsters here, you’re an help. I still have to do me jobs in the morning, round the loo and the sink and… I do like you coming though. I don’t see mine, not often anyways. They’re busy with work and whatnot. Ever since our what’s her name started with the erm… Bottle, the boy’s aren’t so quick to visit. Always running scared of bumping into her. It don’t half get me down.
      Where was I? ‘At’s right, them crosses. The Vicar brought them over t’other day, afer the service. I used to go, every week when it was… It were… Oh c’mon girl. When it were Reverand Bennett. He had a lovely way about him, although Arlene and me always thought he were a bit y’know? Perhaps that’s why he became a vicar.
      I remember going down to Dorset one weekend, when my Bobby was home on leave. I shan’t tell you what we got up to. Not because I can’t remember either. Let me just tell you, you youngsters are not always the first to do everything.
      I miss him something wicked, I miss dancing at the…. Riverside, that’s right. How didya know? Oh right, I mentioned it already. Stupid me. I miss seeing the family together at Christmas, watching the little ones open them’s stuff up. Only they’s not so little no more. Oh I’m sorry, tearing up I am now. I don’t half feel childish. Do you mind passing me them tissues there? I’ll take a few out, keep ‘em here, down beside me. I’m bound to start sobbing again later, I do at night. That’s when I’m loneliest. Glynnis did give me her home number, but can I remember where I put it?
      I might see whatshisname later, I should do. I give him a twenty this morning to fetch me ciggies. Or were it a tenner? No, must o’ been a twenty, ‘cause I said get yourself a can out of the slummy. I just hope he’s not had one too many.
      You best get going, don’t you think? Oh don’t you worry about me, not when you’re off the clock anyhow. Yeah, yeah I’ll see you again. Tell your ‘Manda I said hello. She ought to be careful, how long’s she got left now? Oh, silly me, course she has. Well, you take care of them two. Here’s the man now. Got me Ciggies? Yeah, bye.


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