A Word to the Wise


Never buy shoes from a charity shop,

learn to play piano.

Never swallow your chewing gum,

or eat the core of an apple.                                                     


Keep an aspirin between your knees,

and never go to bed on a row.

Put some prance in your dance,

and learn how to do without.                                                


Try not to worry about your weight,

or work your fingers to the bone.

Be careful whose advice you take.

and never forget to call Mother.


2 thoughts on “A Word to the Wise

    • Ha, thanks. This is an example of a found poem, of sorts. Things I have been told, overheard or researched as it was coming together. I have had it written for a while, but have had to refrain from posting because of assessment regulations. It was written in response to a university assignment.

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