Estate of Affairs


This poem is a collection of haiku that was written in response to a collection of photographs from Howard Barlow. Barlow is a Manchester based photographer who began his career in the seventies photographing bands for the music press. The photographs in question form part of his street photography collection at his website, and I unfortunately do not have permission to use them here.

I find Barlow’s work inspirational, and have used it before as my muse, for the poem Carnival.

Estate of Affairs

A fresh love between

tender souls, emerges from

ratty terraces.

As net curtains blink,

rubble forms piles in the roads,

Dogs patrol the streets.

A junk car jungle

offers amnesty from the

banal everyday.

Empty streets remain

a reservoir of rag and

bone to the scrap man.

A bad egg smokes his

pipe and screens his bench seat, clad

in a hankie crown.

Long summers spent in

skips. Caravans of children

make fun from nothing.


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