From My Window

This is a piece of autobiographical poetry, inspired by the study of life writing I am doing at the moment. The accompanying image is unfortunately not the view that the poem talks of, as I understand it, no images from that window exist. I do however hope that the image enhances your reading of the text.

from my window

From my window, I could see tens of

back gardens stretched out in front of me,

as if I were standing out on a

balcony. I could call on neighbours

as subjects, as if I were Roman

Emperor, I could recite Shakespeare,

as if I were Juliet, longing

for my Romeo. From my window,

I could dream, and see where it took me.

From my window, I could declare next

doors plum trees to be my very own.

I could watch silently as our dog

jumped the fence to do his business. And

from my window, I could watch friends of

my parents leave, drunk, falling into

taxis, hours after I went to bed.

From the window in my old bedroom.


4 thoughts on “From My Window

  1. Hi I read your poem again, and I wondered if you ever viewed Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” with Jimmy Stuart and Grace Kelly? Ms. Kelly was lovely.

  2. I appreciate the feedback, it is worthwhile and I value it. There are flaws here, in not only this piece but other texts that I have posted. The aim of my blog, is for people to journey with me as I improve as a writer. I will give this poem another edit when I get the opportunity.

  3. I enjoyed the anticipation of what you observed from your window. But the poem could use another edit and perhaps a face lift. Jessica Klein P.S> I know you have it in you, so just another edit and spruce up your verbs. Otherwise it’s a great poem that deserves greatness.

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