About Al Parry


I’m Al and I’ll be sharing some excerpts of original scripts, poems and short stories here.  I have a keen interest in kitchen sink drama and comedy so if that’s your thing, cool. My comic/writing inspirations are Daniel Kitson/Alan Bennett/John Cooper Clarke and many more.
If anybody has a wedding or birthday coming up soon, drop us a line.  With just a small amount of information and perhaps a recent photograph, I can pen something original for the special occasion.  No charge, I just ask that you pass on my name if you’re happy with my work.
I can also be found here at twitter and facebook. So now you know where to find me, enjoy…

Alan, objectively…

Alan is a thirty-year-old married father of three.  He is primarily a family man.  However, and he will not forgive me for letting you in on this, so keep it to yourself, Alan is a bit of a Walter Mitty.  He has had grand plans to become a professional wrestler, and of rock stardom.  The truth is that Alan is Plain Square.  Alan does not drink, and has stopped smoking, and he does not even have the ardour to follow a faith, or sports team.  He has recently moved from the 2008 European City of Culture, Liverpool, to the back of beyond in Cornwall England, because of the glitz, glimmer and sheer pace of life in the city.  Alan simply cannot hack his life in the fast lane.  Alan is a Sunday Driver. In addition, to be perfectly honest, I wonder both how and why Alan has managed, to write anything, in-between watching episodes of House and Masterchef Australia.


4 thoughts on “About Al Parry

  1. Hello Al.
    Lked your biography. I know what you mean about leaving a large city for quiet of the countryside. I live in South Dakota USA. I would like to share with you my web page to my historical novel set in that great city we come from.
    Thanks ,
    www. thesorrowsofsadie.com

  2. Hi Al, thank you for the follow! Please be aware that my blog is a bilingual one.
    So you may get links to some poems in English as well as to some in Italian…
    I’m trying to keep the posting balanced between the two languages.

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